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Ornaments in marquesian art of tattoo have got three origins. Nearly all patters can easily be related to these groups and the special origin can be explained.



This gives an interactive overview about the ornaments of the whole body

from handcraft


Origin of these ornaments can be located in early works that already existed before tatooing. They are closely related to textile works like windings or plaitings and other techniques like scratching and engraving wood, tortoiseshell, human bones and so on.

from religion


Tiki as God and ancestral father is main motive of these ornaments. Illustrations of Tiki are derived and formed into ornaments so that parts of nose, eyes, arms, etc. create new patterns. In most cases the origin of these patterns can be found but sometimes they are derived too much so that itís hard to find its roots.

from nature  

These ornaments have its origin in the observation of the nature itself. But these tattoos donít have the same significance and can not be found in very large numbers.



Interactive overview
All patterns shown on tiki-styles are explained mor detailed on these pages.

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All about this subjekt roots, technique, function and meanings a.s.o.






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