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Research for your own tattoo

If you're interessted in getting a traditional Marquesian or Polynesian tattoo it's very important to find as many good information as possible, because you have to know about the different meanings and ways of expression. Of course this is also the same with all the other tattoos. The princible should always be not to copy but to find your own special design to express yourself.

Tiki-styles wants to be a first contact point for such a undertaking. There are no readymade tattoodesigns on this website, which you can download but you should get a better understanding of the different ways of traditional tattooing and its meanings.
Here I want to provide some more sources of information, which also helped me to create this website but are more widespread as well.


Tip #1 - Tribal Tattoo Meanings-Online Dictionairy

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For a further research concerning meaning, assembling of own tattoodesigns or questions about particular tattoos I can recommend this online dictionairy. It is always up to date and gives a really a bunch of useful information you can hardly find anywhere else.


Tip #2 - Links of tiki-styles.de: here

Tip #3 - Reading good books

This collection of literature is for those who are interessted and want to deepen their research. These recommendations include general encyclopedias, which give an overview about all the different tattootraditions, more specialized book about particular traditions in some regions and books about the Marquesas in general to learn about those peoples life and culture.


Here you can find the books:





































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