Polynesian symbolism, tattoos from the southsea and native marquesian culture

 polynesian tattoo, tattoo designs, meanings and their origin



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Tribal Tattoo Meanings-Online Dictionairy
practical handbook to choose your own symbols and
make sure you put the right motifs that represent you.

Jeroen Franken
Unbelievable tattooartist specialised on Borneo,
Marquesian, Maori and Haida tattoos. Highly recommended!

Tat2 Net Community is helping beautify the Internet.
Tattoo resources of all types and directions for
every tattoo fan , artist or the curious.

Tongan tatatau
Very detailed homepage about the
tatatau. tongan art of tattooing

The Way of Tattoos
Designs & Body Art From Ancient to Modern

Information about Maori tattoos with huge photogallery

culture and history of New Zealand
and infos about Maori culture

BME: Body Modification Ezine - The biggest
and best online bod-mod site since 1994

a blog named "tahitiblues" from a blogger with
a passion for Maohi tikis and Marquesan tattoo and culture

Calypso Tattoo
tattoostudio from belgium with some marquesian
inspired tattoos in its gallery





















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Polynesian tatou, lots of examples and explanations