Polynesian symbolism, tattoos from the southsea and native marquesian culture

 polynesian tattoo, tattoo designs, meanings and their origin



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Tattooartist directory and a huge picturegalery
of tattoos specialized on Polynesian tattoos

In the spirit of Magellan and Cook you can discover the
digital pacific and explore their exciting linklist

Very detailed homepage with a lot of information
about all kinds of tattoos.

Tattoo top100
Tattoo linklist with top quality websites

PRICK Magazine
The world'S first free tattoo, piercing
and music lifestyle publication

Historical information from the tribal art of Borneo to
the wood block prints of Japan.

Tattoomagazine for scandinavia

Forbidden Paradise
TIKI, TIKI, TIKI! All about tikis.
From handcrafted statues to tikiparties

Tribal Tattoo Meanings-Online Dictionairy
practical handbook to choose your own symbols and
make sure you put the right motifs that represent you.

Tattoo Guide International: The worldwide Guide
for Tattoos with many Tattoo pictures and actual information.

WAR - Pre Hispanic Tattoo Designs
Aztec Mayan & Incas Tattoo Flash - History, Mythology,
Science, Art by Felix Pacheco.





















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Polynesian tatou, lots of examples and explanations