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The Marquesian Islands


Facts (fr.Polynesia)

Population: 251.000

Capital: Papeete (Tahiti)

Area: 4.167km≤

Major Language:
French and Tahitian

Major religion: Christian

Life expectancy:
71 (men), 76 (women)

Monetary unit: Pacific Franc

Main Exports:
Black Pearls, Fishproducts

GNI per capita: $16.540

Internetdomain: .pf

Int. dailing code: +689



Today Marquesian citizens are living in small villages, which took the place of former tribes and clans. Because of the proselytisation, the majority of the population is catholic and ass a part of France there is a lot of European influence.
Old culture was lost but is today explored for a second time. The ancient art of tatooing, once prohibited, because human flesh was eaten during its rituals, becomes popular again. More and more natives vitalise the old traditions and therefor we have to thank the old explorers from the 18th and 19th century, because they preserved the tradition in their notations. Thatís why the original patterns and meanings could be reconstituted.





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