Polynesian symbolism, tattoos from the southsea and native marquesian culture

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Polynesian tattoo

My website gives a lot of information about Polynesian art of tattooing. These islands were the place, where tattooing developed as new kind of art and became a high sophisticated technique. The island’s citizens are wearing their tattoos on their whole body.

tattooflashes and meanings

Tiki-Styles offers a bunch of traditional tattooflashes and also describes the meanings of Polynesian tattoos and symbolism and offers a closer look to their native culture.

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There are a lot of names for this kind of bodyart. Its names are as manifold as its occurences. The Polynesian Islands are ranging over a vast area, that’s why so many names and different tattoostyles can be found. And they also have their own history, designs and methods.

Tiki-Styles wants to show Polynesian art of tattooing and therefor explains the different developments. This site concentrates on the marquesian islands, since there the bodyart has strong influence on the citizens’ social life.

Here you can find a short overview: check out the facts.

Interactive patternoverview
All Tattoopatterns you can find on tiki-styles.de are shown and describet more detailed.













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Polynesian tatou, lots of examples and explanations